The show in Reykjavík !

We premiered the 22. may, as a part of Reykjavíks Arts festival - and it has been so wonderful.
The Brim house is packed every show with great artists from Iceland, Faroe Islands & Greenland.
Here is a small preview of the 25 rooms & 20 artists performing...:

Process. Early steps in RVK > Costumes

Marianna Mørkøre is the wonderful Fantastar costume designer.
She has been in the group since our workshop 2 years ago in Grótta, and more on her here

Process. Early steps in RVK > Material gathering

It has been quite a journey so far.  
We have been all over Reykjavík, Selfoss, Hafnarfjörður, Copenhagen, Mosfellsbær, Grótta, Tórshavn, Hveragerði, Látrabjarg & Nuuk to gather inspiration and materials for Fantastar.

We totally forgot to put someone in charge of posting, 
and in the weeks before the 22. mai (premiere) we are going to make up for it. 
Starting with :

Process Pictures Part 1 
material gathering :




Tinna Ottesen, Ólafur Björn & Janus Bragi went to Tórshavn last week to lay the groundwork for taking Fantastar to Tórshavn this summer, and collecting material for the show in Reykjavík.
Such hospitality !
Thank you - all of you that housed us, loaned us a car, showed us around, worked with us and are willing to take part in the show here in RVK & in Tórshavn.

And a little language joke at the end :